June 19, 2024

Sandy Hook

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Why Purchase Holiday Insurance?

If you are travelling overseas from the UK to say Europe, Asia, USA and other further away destinations. You would be best to purchase travel insurance before you set out on your journey. This may save you a lot of money if you have an accident or fall ill while on holiday.

My mother recently fell and badly bruised her hip while on holiday in the Canaries. My sister who was with her on holiday at first thought she had broken her hip but after several rays and a consultation with the head doctor. They confirmed that she had badly bruised her pelvis and could be released from hospital.

Luckily for her she had purchased private travel insurance and also carried with her a card which is now referred to as an EHIC ( the old E111 form ).

She was able to receive the treatment free of charge partly due to the card but also after contacting the travel insurance company. The travel insurance company had advised that had she not taken out the proper holiday insurance the medical bill could have been as much as £5000 out of her own pocket.

No one expects to fall ill on holiday or fall and hurt themselves but it is always best to be prepared.

This is really important as not all countries offer free medical facilities to E111 UK holders.

The E111 form has now been updated with a special medical card similar to a small credit card in style with blue stars around in a circle design on the front of the card. The new style card is called an European Health Insurance Card which the British public can use when they travel to other European countries which offer the same service.

They can sometimes receive free medical care and advice or pay towards a small amount of the overall cost. Your travel insurance should hopefully cover the rest of your medical costs. Be sure and double check what you are covered for before your set out on your journey.

You don’t want to have to pay for a mountain rescue out of your own pocket if you become trapped in a snow blizzard if you are on a skiing holiday.

My advice would be to search around the internet and purchase insurance that is tailored towards your holiday needs.