July 15, 2024

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The Most Common Causes of Small Aircraft Accidents

The Most Common Causes of Small Aircraft Accidents

Many people have deep rooted fears of flying. Some people even refuse to ever put a foot on a jet plane and instead choose to drive very long distances instead if they have to be somewhere. The ironic thing about avoiding flying on a large plane is that you are statistically far more likely to die in a car accident, especially if you are travelling great distances in short amounts of time as when traveling. The only time when fear of flying is actually rational is when flying in small aircraft.

While it is very unlikely that you will be in an accident while traveling on a large plane, if you frequently take out or ride in small aircraft, the likelihood of a serious injury or death is relatively large. Because operating a small aircraft is so inherently dangerous, only the most astute pilots should do it. The slightest error on the part of a pilot can lead to a deadly crash. The most common cause of airplane accidents are pilot error and a pilot who engages in negligent behavior that results in a plane crash can be sued in a personal injury lawsuit for injury or wrongful death if a passenger is hurt, or if, in the case of a airplane on airplane collision, anyone in the opposing aircraft is injured or killed.

Why Airplane Accidents Happen

The most common reasons for airplane crashes resulting in serious injury or death include:

– Pilot error-this includes bad decision making on the part of the pilot when it comes to things such as bad weather, landing or checking for air traffic
– Faulty equipment-it is up to the owner of the plane to ensure that the equipment on the plane is up to part before it is taken out
– Violations of FAA regulations-these regulations are in place to keep everyone in the air and on the ground safe and should be followed very closely
– Design or structural problems-this is often a problem with plane owners who choose to fix their own planes or built their own planes rather than hiring a professional
– Air traffic controller error
– Third party carrier negligence
– Maintenance or repair negligence
– Fueling error