May 23, 2024

Sandy Hook

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The Journey to the West

Buddhism is the most widely worshipped religion in Asia. The history of Buddhism brings us back to Northern India, 2500 years ago. Siddhartha Gautama was the founder of this religion. Siddhartha Gautama was the crown prince of a nation in Northern India. When he was young, he went out of his palace and observed people’s pains for i) Birth, ii) Aged, iii) Sick, and iv) Death. He escaped from his palace and trained himself to save people from their pains. He became an awaken one, Buddha. Buddhism quickly gained ground in India but could not be major there. Some analyze that Kings and Politicians in old India did not welcome Buddhism belief, Equality of People under Buddha, for their governing purpose. Buddha, however, stayed in Indian religious scene to be one of many gods in Hinduism.

How did Buddhism become most widely worshipped religion in Asia? China played an important role for Buddhism to grow in Asian countries. How did Buddhism become major in China? It was 7th Century when a Chinese monk, Xuanzang Fashi traveled to India breaking the law. He studied Buddhism in several key places, in Indian Buddhism. He brought Buddhist Scriptures to China. Xuanzan’s monks worked to translate these Scriptures to Chinese. Xuanzan Fashi was the largest reason for Buddhism to be found well in China and Asian countries.

Later, in China, Xuangzan’s journey to India became a fictional story. In this story, 3 monsters follow Xuangzan as trainees of Buddhism. They are i) Stone Monkey, Sun Wukong, ii) Big Monster, Zhu Beijie, and iii) Soldier Ghost, Sha Wujing. The title of this story is “Journey to the West (Xi You Ji). The story became popular worldwide. It became cartoon stories several times in China and Japan. Media made it be Movies and TV Programs so many times.

All 3 followers of Xuanzan Fashi had their own stories. They were stories of pain, agony, fear, remorse, and resentment. They are identical pains as human beings. The 3 followers were the ones who could not endure these pains and became monsters. Stone Monkey, Sun Wukong was born from stone. He was smart and powerful but violent. His supervisor put him under a mountain for 5 thousand years until Xuanzang found and released him. Zhu Beijie and Sha Sujing were generals in heaven. Their supervisors and colleagues exiled them to earth for punishment. They were waiting to meet Xuanzong for thousands of years.

They fought against all odds, for the sake of Xuanzang. Sun Wukong with his 2 other colleagues saved and helped Xuanzang all of their way to India. Their journey was even more painful to all than their former lives, which caused them to be monsters. In their trip to India, the 3 followers had gradually realized Buddhism philosophy of love. They grew as trainees of Buddha. At the end of their trip, Buddha gave them the status of Buddhism gods. Sinful people can repent and release themselves from their bondage of sin. They can even become god even people today worship.