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Name and Place History of Kiahuna Plantation

Name and Place History of Kiahuna Plantation

The resort is fronted on the south by Kiahuna Beach. Just 100 yards east is the former location of an ancient Hawaiian Temple. It was known as Kihahouna Heiau and was built under direction of the second chief of the Koloa community. The walled temple that once stood in this place was 90 feet by 130 feet. Three hala-lihilihi-ula trees placed around the perimeter of the naupaka hedge mark the temples former location. The locale is still considered to be a sacred place by many native Hawaiians.

The temple was dedicated to four mythological gods of great significance to native Hawaiians. The name Kiahuna is a more recent version of the name Kihahouna. Literally translated the word “Kiahuna” means, “the key to a hidden secret”. The Hawaiian Temple has recently become a part of the Koloa Heritage Trail, a route that leads through the Koloa-Poipu Beach area highlighting culture, history and natural beauty.

Kiahuna Plantation was most recently the estate of Hector Moir and Sandie Knudsen. The newly married couple moved into there home shortly after being married in 1930. Much of the home was built with lava rocks from the local area. Hector was the manager of Hawaii’s first sugar plantation, the Koloa sugar plantation. Thus, he knew many people on the island of Kauai. As such, the home became the central location for parties, dinners, galas and other events. The Moir residence is still a busy place and serves as the check-in desk for guests of Kiahuna Plantation and also houses the wonderful Plantation Gardens Restaurant.