June 20, 2024

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Experience Adventure – Bungy Jumping In New Zealand

For almost any kind of holiday, New Zealand manages to offer something to suit. If you aren’t content with a few days at the beach and a regular vacation, maybe you’d like to try something a little bit more exciting…

Home to the Adventure Capital of the World, Queenstown, and with plenty of beautiful scenery to throw yourself into up and down the country, New Zealand is known as one of the top spots for bungy jumping. Instead of taking an average tour of the two islands, why not book your stay in Aotearoa by travelling from jump to jump? Check out these locations and dive into a thrilling adventure.

AJ Hackett

The pioneer behind the extreme sport, A.J Hackett is the man behind the company that made bungy jumping what it is today. Creating the first commercial jump in 1988 on the Kawarau Bridge in Queenstown, the A.J Hackett Company operates three different jumps in the Adventure Capital, the Kawarau Bridge Bungy included, as well as one on the Auckland Harbour Bridge.

The Nevis Bungy above the Nevis River in Queenstown is the highest in New Zealand at 134m Bungy jumpers from the Kawarau Bridge can dunk straight into the water belowThe Ledge Bungy gives a spectacular view over Queenstown from 400m up AJ Hackett offers jumpers exclusive access to the Auckland Harbour Bridge and a 40m drop to the ocean below

Auckland Sky Tower SkyJump

A thrilling spin on the traditional bungy, a SkyJump attaches you to a wire at the top of Auckland’s iconic Sky Tower that will let you drop 192m over the city. You won’t find a better view of the city from anywhere else and, as the number one stop-off point for many of the country’s visitors, there’s no better place to do your first jump than the ‘City of Sails’.

Taupo Bungy

Taupo Bungy’s water touch bungy over the Waikato River is one of the most popular in the North Island. You can choose to bungy solo or tandem with a friend and even decide whether you just want to touch the surface or be fully submerged in the river 47 metres below.

Escape your comfort zone and do something a little bit more exciting during your holiday. Don’t just travel here for the sheep; book a bungy jumping adventure tour in New Zealand and really get the adrenaline pumping during your stay.