April 22, 2024

Sandy Hook

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Auckland, New Zealand – A Place of Adventure!

Auckland, the largest city in New Zealand, is a popular destination among international tourists. It offers a wide variety of activities, landscape, climates, and places to explore. Home to two mountain ranges, nearly fifty volcanoes, over fifty islands, and three individual harbors, the city has something for everyone!

For the daring tourist, Four Track Adventures offers the chance to get up close and personal with the bush life of New Zealand. This company allows you to rent your own four-wheeler, and with a short training session, lets you loose through forests and beaches on a guided tour! This is a fast-paced adventure for the whole family. Children over five can double with their parents, and kids who are at least fourteen-years-old can take their own four-wheeler on the tour.

For an even more extreme thrill in Auckland, head to the AJ Hackett Bungee Experience! This adventure gives you the opportunity to bungee jump from a specially designed platform on Auckland Harbor Bridge! In addition to the adrenaline rush of this high flying adventure in the Westhaven Marina, the jump also offers one of the best views of the city! Yes, the kids can participate, provided they are ten or older.

River rafting is another exciting adventure activity available in Auckland. The Tongariro River boasts sixty-five rapids for the adventurous rafter! These rapids are not extremely difficult, making this river a favorite among people new to the sport. The rapids are surrounded by breathtaking beauty that you can easily enjoy from the raft during the calmer parts of the river. Those looking for a more serious rafting experience should head to the Kaituna River, a grade five whitewater rafting course. In fact, Kaituna has the tallest commercially rafted drop in the entire world. You will fall over seven meters on this exciting river ride

The Piha Canyon offers Auckland visitors another thrilling experience. You can enjoy repelling down the steep walls of the canyon between rushing waterfalls, exploring hidden caves, and experiencing the thrill of jumping into mountain pools from incredible heights. Plan to spend an entire day exploring the canyon, and be sure to pack your swimming gear, because Piha Beach is one of the most beautiful black sand beaches on the island. This beach offers guests rock cliffs, crystal waters, and stunning views of New Zealand.

Since it is on the shore of the island, Auckland is a great place to experience the thrills and spills of popular water sports. You will find plenty of rental companies willing to charter you a boat and water skiing equipment. Those who wish to see the beauty of the underwater world around New Zealand can scuba dive at the Goat Island Dive, which offers classes and equipment for rent.

Whatever your level of adventure, the city of Auckland has something to offer you. Rest assured that when you are ready to take a break from your adventure vacation, there are plenty of calm gardens to explore, as well as excellent opportunities for shopping to help you unwind from a busy day of exploring the New Zealand wilderness!