June 17, 2024

Sandy Hook

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The History of Tod Mountain & Growth Into Sun Peaks Resort

Tod Mountain’s documented history dates back to 1961 when Burfield Lodge and Burfield Chairlift officially opened to the general public. Before then, Tod Mountain was a place where only wild powder hunting ski-freaks dared go. Seven years of skiing bliss passed by before an unfortunate fire accident damaged the lift equipment resulting in a two year mountain closure from 1968 to 1970. Shortly after re-opening, two additional chairlifts were constructed to prevent future mountain-wide closures.

As Tod Mountain became a more popular ski destination to visit, the need for further infrastructure arose. In 1988, a 49 lot subdivision helped satisfy that need as it was built directly across the original Burfield Lodge. Two years later, further infrastructure movement progressed as the paving of a new access road between Whitecroft Village to Tod Mountain was completed. These advancements made the Mountain significantly more accessible to travellers and locals alike.

Japanese Nippon Cable Company Ltd. (now known as Hi-Lex Corporation) recognized these advancements and purchased Tod Mountain in 1992 for an undisclosed amount. One year later, Nippon Cable developed a new long term plan which enabled the company to sign a new Master Development Agreement with the Province of British Columbia. The first phase of the plan initiated extensive development to the resort which included the construction of new runs, new facilities, three new lifts (two quads), and new infrastructure. Approximately 12 million dollars were spent on the first phase of development. During that same year, Tod Mountain officially became a part of the new Sun Peaks Resort.

Since then, Sun Peaks Resort has gone through significant advancement earning many desirable awards from a variety of organizations including Ski Canada Magazine, Snow Country Magazine, BC Hydro, Cadogan Guides, and the Canadian Ski Council. Today, Sun Peaks is one of the leading ski resorts in Canada and provides reasons to vacation during all months of the year.