May 26, 2024

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The Benefits of Travel Nursing Jobs and Things You Need to Know 

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What is a Traveling Nurse?

From the root, world Traveling and nurse simply means a nurse who travels to other places for work. Traveling nursing jobs have become in demand for the past years since nurses are not equally distributed to the world. So to give a solution to this, travel nurse agencies start making agreements with nurses to work in other places as a nurse and they will be given good compensations and benefits. Medical facilities are also happy about this setup since they can fill in the scarcity of nurses by getting travel nurses. That’s how travel nursing works. There are also several benefits of travel nursing jobs, read and understand them and you will surely like it.

Benefits of Travel Nursing

There may be Pros and Cons of nursing but there are more benefits from it, especially with travel nursing jobs.

Free Housing

Every time a travel nurse is assigned to a destination. They are given free accommodation since they will be staying there for a long time. To make it more comfortable for the travel nurses to be able to work well, they are given a place where they can rest well after shifts.  Another better option for this is looking for their own place to stay and a housing stipend will just be provided for them to be able to pay less for the place they choose.

High Pay

The highest paying travel nursing jobs can earn up to $48 per hour. Travel RN salary depends on their specialization and the States they are assigned to. Since pay will also depend on the economy of each State. But the salary of a travel nurse is still better compared with regular nurses. Apart from traveling nurses ‘ salaries, there are more benefits they can get.



Discounts on hotels, entertainment centers, car rental, and medical uniforms. They know that travel nurses also need to unwind so they give them discount vouchers on things that they can use to go around the place during their offs and also be able to get a good discount on their scrubs.

Continuous Learning

In every profession learning is essential, it can help a person grow more skills and knowledge needed for their profession to grow. During a nurse’s travel assignments they are given free training for everyone and then to get updated with the new medical issues as well as updates on their profession. Since medical fields keep on having new inventions and discoveries, therefore this should be disseminated to health workers including nurses so they can be updated.

Reimbursements on Your Travel Expense

The cost and stress of traveling from place to place are exhausting and financially draining. To help our nurses with this, reimbursement is given as additional benefits.

Job Security

Others may think that working as a travel nurse has no job security since the shortest assignment period is thirteen weeks, but the good thing about this is after each assignment travel nurse agencies have already lined up assignments waiting for their travel nurses. A travel nurse can actually get a whole year-round assignment ahead of them. So job security will not be a problem.

Explore While Working

Since travel nurses are given the opportunity to travel to different places, this means they can roam around them too. After each assignment, a travel nurse can ask for a break so she can have time to rest and relax. During this time they can roam the place they are assigned to and admire all the beautiful places they can see. Not all professions can get this opportunity to travel and earn at the same time.


Now that you are aware of the traveling nurse salary and all the benefits you can rip you might as well contact your travel nurse agency and ask them how to be a travel nurse in this way you can prepare yourself to get qualified. Be motivated to become a travel nurse by putting the benefits of travel nursing jobs in your mind. Maximize your profession as a nurse, imagine how you can grow your skills as you apply your knowledge in different environments and different people. It will be a good training ground for you as well and be able to earn more.