July 15, 2024

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Safe places to visit in the Middle East

Many globetrotters have always considered the Middle East to be a mysterious region. Some travelers have kept back from going there but many more have experienced the luxury of the Middle East especially since there was a travel resurgence in 2018. Although there are ongoing troubles in some parts of the region and this has given the place a bad name, there are still many other safe parts. You can patronize Bein Harim and other travel agencies if you have read their reviews and you are glad with the quality of their reviews. If you do not want to patronize travel agencies, you should be diligent in your research about where you should visit and you look out for your safety, you will experience the complexity, richness, and diversity of the Middle East.

Besides its exotic nature, the Middle East is rich in culture, tradition, and history. This is evident in the unrivaled glory of the Sahara Desert and the mesmerizing splendor of the Dead Sea. If you are a curious traveler, you will find that there is much to explore in a land such as the Middle East. A trip to the Holy Lands will open you up to newer experiences and leave you wanting for more. Here are the top safest places to visit as a globetrotter. You can also use this information to plan your adventure.


Jordan is seen as a safe place for many refugees from surrounding conflict areas. It is also very welcoming for tourists most travelers go home with the memories of the cordiality of the Jordan people. Activities you can involve in while there include canyoning, diving, caravanning using camels, etc. you should also check out the Jordan Trail, the Dead Sea, Wadi Rum, and the city of Petra. There are lots of historical monuments such as Crusader castles, Roman theatres, the Treasury, etc. these stunning sights will provide you the serenity you want.


Oman is a region that came into the tourism sector after some of its counterparts. The capital of Oman, Muscat, is not as glamourous and glitzy as the rest of the United Arab Emirates, but if you want to get a rich experience in the Arab Kingdom, then you should visit Oman. The region is highly-developed and there are high-budget and exotic hotels for your pleasure. Try going through the trading and fishing villages in Oman and you cannot but be astounded at the exotic wonders of the country. The magnificent coastlines, the rocky mountains, the dunes, etc. are all part of Oman’s wonders you should see.


Qatar is an up-and-coming country but it is highly sophisticated and modernized despite being faithful to its indigenous culture. The coastlines, dunes, and skylines are part of what makes the country incredible. It has age-long hospitality which cannot be rivaled. The capital, Doha, is considered world-class. While in Doha, you should also check out the Museum of Islamic Art and experience the generous dunes of the region. Spending the night outdoors under the stars is not a bad idea. Check out the Doha Corniche promenade to get a beautiful view of the city’s skyline or take a ride on the dhow. If you are a soccer fan, tweak your calendar schedule for the FIFA world cup which will hold at Doha’s Khalifa International Stadium in 2022.

The United Arab Emirates

This part of the Middle East is rich in oil and gorgeous. Located on the east of the Sinai Peninsula and the border of the Persian Gulf, it is an exotic location. Most people tend to see the whole of the UAE as Dubai. Even though Dubai has tall buildings and ultramodern skyscrapers, the other states in the UAE also have rich potentials. For instance, Abu Dhabi is well-known for leisure, sports, and awesome places like the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque and the Ferrari World theme park. If you are a lover of outdoor adventures, go on ahead to Jumeirah. Take a hike on the Ras al-Khaimah’s Hajar mountains and check out the art scene of Sharjah. Spend some time taking in the rolling dunes of Al Dhafra as well.


Kuwait is an oil-rich region that mixes authentic Arab vibes with Western influences. This exotic metropolis is home to elaborate skyscrapers such as the Kuwait Towers, etc. You can also find outstanding restaurants in Kuwait. Go to the Souq Marbarakia’s food halls and feed on dates and olives. Check out the desert plains and white sand beaches as well. Take a ride on the traditional dhow for a richer experience of the country’s awesome maritime heritage.

When exploring the Middle East, you should be conservative in all you do. When it is Ramadan, avoid eating and drinking in public. Before you go to any country in the Middle East, check out the particular norms to see if you can abide by the rules or not.