July 15, 2024

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Pros and Cons of Going Camping

Pros and Cons of Going Camping

Imagine going to a faraway place for a camping trip with your family. No electricity, no supermarket, no technology, no cellphone signal. No advantages of having a subway or car, it is only you and the nature. Backpacking is the only option and so you carry only the most basic things that you would need. You have to live in tents for a few days. Instead of a heater, you have to set up your own camp fire, get your own water supply and catch wild animals for food. Do you think you can handle it?

Camping is one way to bond with your family members. Because there are no TV, internet or street life to interrupt, your source of entertainment is among yourselves. Finally, you get to talk to your parents, play simple games or help each other out. You would also see where your strength lies when you need them the most. You discover who is the most resourceful, creative, tolerant and strong. Who possess leadership skills and who is a great team player. You also learn to develop basic skills instead of relying on machines or gadgets. Remember how we used to cook rice over a stove before? Nowadays, you cannot even live without a rice cooker.

Because you need to survive on food that is found in the forest, you learn to conserve it for the next day. You learn the value of being thrifty because supplies ran out fast. Nature is your source of everything and so you become more appreciative of it and therefore you become more environmentally conscious. It is hard to imagine how life would survive without nature.

All children would love camping because it is something very new for them or very few ever get to experience. Setting up their tents for the first time. Collecting water, hearing crickets at night, waking up early in the morning to fetch water. These are the things we no longer get to do as much because our lifestyle is so busy and so different. Sunrise and sunset are something we get to look forward to instead of the latest TV programs or going to the mall.

As with every situation, there are also disadvantages to camping. Like some people might find it difficult to adjust. There are also some who are not prepared to do hunting, cooking by a self-made fireplace, taking a bath in the river and so on. There might be some activities that require special tools and forgetting one or two can be frustrating. Accidents are also to be expected especially from walking far distances or climbing uneven grounds.

Backpacking requires preparation and knowledge on the necessary skills required to survive the wild. First aid kit should also be prepared for any emergency. CPR, bites from snakes, and so on should be instructed to each member of the family. If there are wild animals around, one should also know what to do in case of an encounter with one.

Camping is fun and exciting. There are so many opportunities to discover one’s strength and to develop their skills. They say that after camping, you come home as a totally better and different person.