July 13, 2024

Sandy Hook

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My Method of Hypnosis

My Method of Hypnosis

Over the many years that I have practiced and spoken about hypnosis, my students and the readers of my books have asked me not only how I first learned about it, but also exactly what hypnosis is.

Hypnosis is the tool I use to journey beyond the conscious mind into the hidden realms of the subconscious, where the answers and solutions to vexing problems and phobias dwell. When a subject is induced using hypnosis into the deepest subconscious level, known as the “somnambulistic” state, they can access past lives and the vast knowledge of Spirit.

Various methods of hypnosis have been in use for thousands of years, by the shamans of primitive tribal cultures, as well as by the philosophers of ancient Greece such as Socrates. The word hypnosis comes from the Greek word “hypnos”, meaning sleep.

In the recent past, hypnosis was most commonly used to help conquer harmful habits such as smoking or overeating and to reduce stress and anxiety. This is done through suggestion and positive reinforcement while the subject is in trance. But so much more can be discovered, including forgotten lives and knowledge, by inducing the subject into the somnambulistic state.

My method of hypnosis utilizes visualization so that subjects are able to reach the somnambulistic state quickly. In this level of the subconscious, the subject is removed from their conscious thoughts and is able to travel freely through time and space at their own pace. It is necessary to note that I am only a facilitator and guide in this process and whatever the subject experiences is happening directly to them and not because of me.

Many different methods and procedures of hypnosis can be used until the subject finds the one they are most comfortable with. One method utilizes visualizing an elevator. When the subject feels they have arrived at the correct floor, and the elevator door opens, they have a desire to get off and explore whatever they see. When the session ends, the elevator rises up through the somnambulistic and subconscious states until the subject is once again engaged with their conscious mind.

Since the conscious mind isn’t active during hypnosis, most subjects only remember bits and pieces about their sessions, so I record each and every session to enable them to listen to what they revealed about this or a past life and how they healed themselves.

It’s always fascinating to watch a subject’s reaction when they listen to a tape of their session for the first time. And it’s always gratifying to be able to help a subject face an irrational fear, cure themselves of a stubborn illness, or just to experience the sense of wonder along with them when they meet their real or higher self.

Without hypnosis, none of these remarkable journeys would be possible.