July 13, 2024

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My Experience With One Of The Best Dentists In Merida, Yucatan

My Experience With One Of The Best Dentists In Merida, Yucatan

Finding yourself in the middle of a dental emergency while vacationing in a foreign country is a nightmarish thought for most people, especially when that country is also a foreign speaking one! Unfortunately I found myself in that exact position last year while on holiday in a city called Mérida in the south of Mexico, it’s the capital of a region called Yucatán.

My wife and I had been looking forward to the trip and planning it for a number of months. 2 weeks in the warm sun, enjoying the local culture and food not to mention a much more relaxed pace of life. My work is stressful and I was really needing the break away.

About 3 days into the vacation I started to feel the first signs of pain in the back of my mouth and within 24 hours this had become progressively worse to the point where I was unable to even sleep. An infection had somehow gotten into a section of the gum around one of wisdom teeth and it was clear I needed to get to a dentist as soon as possible.

Fortunately there is an online magazine called Yucatan Today which is set up for the local English speaking community living here and I was able to find the dentists other Americans were visiting and recommending. This was a Godsend to say the least.

I quickly found a dental practice which came highly recommended called “Dental Rosel” located in the north side of the city, in an area called “Altabrisa”. Aside from the personal recommendations what attracted me the most was that the dentist had trained internationally and that the clinic was equipped with all the latest in dental technology. For some reason my mind immediately equates lots of technology with ‘less pain’.

Upon seeing Dr. Rosel he immediately helped me to relax, I found his nature to be very warm, friendly and welcoming. He quickly identified the problem and prescribed me a course of antibiotics to fix it. This was necessary before any dental work could be carried out. 3 days later I was back in the chair and underwent a procedure about an hour long to clear the problem for good.

For anyone visiting this southern region of Mexico and finding themselves in a similar position to me I would highly recommend that you first consult the opinion and advice of other ex-pats living there. Speaking personally I can highly recommend Dental Rosel as one of the nicest and most qualified dentists you’ll find anywhere in Merida.