July 15, 2024

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Montague’s Folding Mountain Bikes

Commuter routes are getting more crowded these days which is why many of us are using bicycles for all or part of the journey to work. This practice means that folding bikes that fit in the car or on a train will certainly create big share in the market today. The only problem is that, the average foldaway is only designed for a gentle on-road use up until today.

Montague is known as the world’s leader in high performance in full-size folding bikes. They possess award-winning designs and folding technology that are patented worldwide. Montague Folding Bike offers a legendary ride that is way superior compared to other folding bikes and equal to any other bike.

David Montague which was in the graduate school at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology formed the Montague Corporation in the year 1987. This is a company that is intended on designing and producing full-size and high-performance bicycles that can be folded. The very first bicycle designed by Montague was dubbed the “Montague BiFrame” known for its patented Concentrus system. It unites the two parts of the frame with a concentric seat tubes, with one nested inside the other. This system allows a bike with a full-size frame to fold in half while maintaining the structural integrity of the design. In the year 1997, Montague was able receive a two-year grant from the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), who then recognizes how important folding mountain bikes are. DARPA contracted Montague to work with the United States Marines to develop the Tactical Electric No Signature (TENS) Mountain bike. Montague developed a new folding design for this project that enables the bike to fold faster for Paratrooper exit from military aircraft while also increasing its load bearing capacity. This gave rise to the Paratrooper folding Tactical Mountain Bicycle. This is Montague’s non-electric Military Mountain Bike.

The F.I.T. (TM) (Folding Integrated Technology) system was then developed to allowing a full-size and high-performance mountain bike to fold itself in half so that it could fit through a cargo door of a military aircraft with an airborne ranger. As soon as the soldiers hit the ground, he would have a tactical mountain bike used as a mean of transportation thus bridging the gap between walking and deploying heavy military vehicles. It also helps to facilitate a battlefield reporting in the military. It has been made clear that the folding technology found on bicycles that was developed for the U.S. Military can also be used by ordinary people. Due to popular demand, the used to be military bikes has already made its way to the homes of so many civilians.

Whether you are out for a business trip or a camping trip, you can easily store your folding mountain bike anywhere you want have the luxury of going around wherever you want Montague folding mountain bikes can easily be folded neatly into a carrying case and stored out of the way in a closet, under your bed, your car trunk or anywhere that will not be a hindrance on the way.