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It’s time for Dinner – Where to Take the Family in Orange County, CA

It’s time for Dinner – Where to Take the Family in Orange County, CA

There are nights that most of us come home and we just can’t bear to cook another dinner. Sometimes we’ve just had a very stressful day at the office, maybe we forgot to take something out to defrost, maybe everyone just plain can’t agree on what it is they want. Whatever the case is, if you live in Orange County California there are restaurants that can remedy the situation. Most are chain restaurants, but the food is good, atmosphere friendly and everyone goes home ready to face the evenings “menu” of things that have to get done in a much better mood. Here are some worth trying:

Claim Jumpers-Kids and adults can never complain that they haven’t had enough to eat in this gold miner themed restaurant. Even my meat-loving husband asks me to share with him! The rotisserie chicken is always hot and juicy. The BBQ beef ribs are meaty and tender. I don’t know where this chain gets their idaho potatoes, but they are the biggest I have ever seen. The salads are wonderful, the soups to die for. The muffins are big, moist and delicious. One slice of chocolate decadence cake can literally serve a half dozen or more easily. It’s a fun place and they are in all areas of the county.

The Old Spaghetti Factory in Newport Beach. This is not only a fun place for the family, but very affordable as well. They open at 5, get there early, as the biggest bugaboo is the parking and the wait. Luckily, if the wait is too long, you can make a short walk to the famous “Crab Cooker” and order up a shrimp cocktail to go at the service bar! It’s also a fun area to walk around in during the warmer seasons. There’s a pier just across the street, and the ocean is obviously a stone’s throw away.

Over at the famous South Coast Plaza, there’s a Rainforest Cafe. There’s usually a wait, but they have a fun gift shop, lots to look at there. Plus it is in the famous South Coast Plaza in Costa Mesa, so you have a ridiculous amount of upscale shops you can window shop at-including Tiffany’s and Armani’s.
They also have several other family restaurants in and around the huge complex.

Some of the others include the chain restaurants of Ruby’s (a forty’s diner), Maggiano’s (italian), Corner Bakery, The Back Bay Rowing and Running Club and a Lawry’s Carvery. You will not go hungry!

Another popular family friendly chain is The Cheesecake Factory-again large portions and wait times abound at any of the units, so be prepared!

If you are looking for cheap eats-head to any of the county’s many Ruby’s at most of the malls. Mollie’s Country Kitchen in Laguna Hills or Ted’s Burger’s in Laguna Niguel.

Happy Eating!