June 17, 2024

Sandy Hook

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Exploring Papua New Guinea

Papua New Guinea is the perfect vacation destination for people who have seen it all! There is sure to be something in Papua to impress even the most seasoned traveler. The scenery remains the way it has been for hundreds of years, the culture remains traditional, and water sports abound for the adventurous traveler!

To start your exploration of Papua, take a cruise of the island. In fact, many visitors make their entire vacation a cruise experience. The Sepik Spirit is a great cruise ship that takes visitors on three or six night cruises along the Sepik River. This is a great way to explore life along the rivers, which has stayed relatively the same for centuries.

Papua New Guinea is often called the underwater photographer’s paradise. Some of the most famous underwater photographs have been taken on dives around the island. Beneath the depths of the water, you can see all types of coral, including stunning coral walls and gardens, as well as beds of sea grass, and numerous wreck sites from World War II. The waters around Papua New Guinea are warm and this makes diving available year round. The beautiful coral reefs in the area are full of the most colorful fish in the world! It is well worth learning the sport of scuba diving when you are visiting this lush island!

Many people come to Papua New Guinea to enjoy jungle treks through the formidable wilderness. Whatever your skill level, there is a hike or trek to match on the island. In the Highlands, you can hike up tall mountains with beautiful views and several volcanoes. Alternatively, take several days and backpack across the jungle with your own private guide. Be sure to keep your eyes open for World War II artifacts, which are hidden throughout the island.

If you enjoy wildlife, you will want to take a day to do some bird watching. The island is the only place to see the Bird of Paradise, and there are nearly forty different species of these remarkably colorful birds. If you are new to bird watching, you can take guided tours of some of the rainforests to find the best places to spot the colorful island birds.

For an extreme island adventure, enjoy white water rafting in some of the rivers on Papua New Guinea. There are rapids for all skill levels, and many companies that will help you achieve the adrenaline rush that comes from an exciting river trip. This is another way to see some of the colorful flora and fauna of the island!

While visiting New Guinea, make sure you take some time to experience the local culture of the aboriginal people. While the people of the island are constantly faced with the challenges of modernization, there are many subsistence farms in the highlands that are still dependent on the culture that has been a part of their lives for hundreds of years. A diverse island, there are more than a thousand different cultures on the island for you to explore. To find your next adventure, head into the exotic embrace of Papua New Guinea.