July 22, 2024

Sandy Hook

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Better Title, Less Money, and More Responsibility – Corporate Jobs of the Future?

Better Title, Less Money, and More Responsibility – Corporate Jobs of the Future?

The big joke in the 80s and 90s was that everyone was climbing the ladder successfully in the companies they were working for, they had better titles, but they were actually bringing in the same money or less money than they were previously. Today, large corporations know that due to supply and demand issues they are able to hire workers, middle managers, and executives at almost half the price. So you may get to have a job with a great title such as vice president of a business unit, however all this great career success may not reflect in your paycheck.

That is to say you have a better title, and more responsibility, but you will be making less money with fewer benefits. One has to wonder, if this is the corporate job of the future that everyone is talking about? Many folks are disenchanted with Corporate America for this very reason. Still, it makes sense to understand the reality of things and understand that for every job opening a Corporation has, there are nearly 500 people with resumes in hand, standing in line to have that job. All the power goes to the Corporation, and not the worker.

Not long ago, I was at Starbucks I was talking to a human resource director about this very subject. She indicated that they had a job opening recently for a quality control expert, and they had received 250 applicants, that were qualified, or overqualified her opinion, along with 500 applications from other people who were not qualified at all.

She indicated that was a pretty good job pain almost $60,000 a year with benefits, but it would also be a highly stressful job, with a lot of travel away from family with little or no upward mobility in the company. It was a dead-end career track in her opinion. Perhaps, this example best illustrates the point. So, please consider all this.