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Alfonso Costa’s Villa Lilly Offers Rich History and Modern Conveniences in Praiano, Italy

Alfonso Costa’s Villa Lilly Offers Rich History and Modern Conveniences in Praiano, Italy

Villa Lilly, a world-renowned villa located in Praiano, Italy, features breathtaking ocean views from the 10,000 square foot five bedroom, five bathroom main house, overlooking Positano to Capri. From the numerous terraces and gardens, guests take in the enchanting Amalfi Coast and its extensive landscape.

In addition to the main house, a quaint one bedroom, one bathroom medieval tower serves as a guesthouse and rests atop the outdoor swimming pool, expansive terraces, and indigenous gardens. In addition to the main house and medieval tower, the property’s one bedroom, one bathroom beach house leads directly to the Tyrrhenian’s crystal waters and a boarding dock for boats. A pool house sits just steps from the outdoor swimming pool and features an oversized picture window inside the main shower, where you can bathe while overlooking the Tyrrhenian Sea.

Owned by Pittsburgh native Dr. Alfonso Costa, the Villa has been featured in numerous publications and international luxury magazines Panorama Travel, Point Devue, The New York Times Magazine, and Amica. Panorama Travel, the #1 travel magazine in Italy, published an article on the most scenic coast in Italy, the Amalfi Coast, in its September 2009 edition. On the cover page of the article, Villa Lilly was featured as the most romantic and exclusive villa on the entire Amalfi Coast. The cover features one of Villa Lilly’s beautiful terraces. Panorama Travel also noted that the sunsets that are enjoyed from Villa Lilly are exclusive only to that region of the Amalfi Coast (Tramonti Esclusivi). Also noted in the article was the exclusive service provided by staff.

Not only does the Villa have the most exclusive sunset views on the entire Amalfi Coast but it also has a rich and colorful history. In the 18th and 19th centuries Napoleon’s sister, Princess Cora Gaetani, and her husband, the King of Naples, owned it. Although its historic appeal has been well preserved, Villa Lilly if fully modernized and offers its guests a unique experience that combines exclusivity and luxury with old world charm. Villa Lilly has hosted celebrities such as Julia Roberts, Barbra Streisand, Michael Keaton, Jerome Bettis, and Dr. Benjamin Carson.

In addition to its celebrity guests from the USA, Anna Dente, a world-renowned chef from Italy, has visited the Villa. Dente’s restaurant was rated the #1 restaurant in all of Europe by Travel & Leisure magazine. Anna Dente, a personal friend of Dr. Alfonso Costa, has been a featured chef at Villa Lilly for cooking classes and also for preparing incredible meals for the guests of the villa.