July 15, 2024

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Acid Rain and Aircraft Corrosion

Acid Rain and Aircraft Corrosion

We have all heard about acid rain. It occurs when pollution mixes with normal airflows and then normal precipitation occurs. This mixture can cause water molecules to combine with the compounds within the pollution. The resultant causes many problems for mankind; for instance erosion of status, discolored paint on cars and high acidity in streams, lakes and perhaps even drinking water supplies.

One thing you may not have considered is what acid rain can do to aircraft. Aircraft corrosion can cause structural problems and increase the potential for metal fatigue and eventual failure. Structural failure in aircraft flying overhead is no laughing matter. It is not like you can simply park the airplane, get out and call AAA. There are lots of examples in the NTSB reports of structural failure causing in aircraft crash.

The acid rain issue is a serious one in one, which a lot of people do not even think about. Some say it is getting worse every year although statistics show that actually things have been getting progressively better since 1975. Nevertheless one cannot be too careful when it comes to acid rain in aircraft corrosion. One of the smartest things in aircraft owner or airline can do after their aircraft have been splashed by acid rain is to give them a thorough bath and rinse in fresh water or call the Aircraft Wash Guys near you. Consider this in 2006.